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6 Things To Do Now That You're Getting Married!

6 Things To Do Now That You're Getting Married!

So a little birdy tells us you’re getting married… Congratulations!

Once the happy tears have dried and reality sets in, you might be thinking what on earth do I do from here?

So much is involved in wedding planning that understandably most brides get overwhelmed, but before you start stressing about booking a venue, deciding on floral arrangements or your napkin colour, here are the first things you should do after getting engaged.

1. Get your engagement ring sized and insured.
Imagine your girlfriends gushing with excitement, eager to grab your hand and inspect your new bling… only to find an empty finger!

You never want to lose your engagement ring, so getting it insured should be on the top of your to-do list. If the ring doesn’t fit perfectly, make sure to get it re-sized ASAP so it doesn’t slip off your finger without you knowing.

Engagement ring insurance is usually super affordable and can often be bundled with things like home and car insurance. Getting the ring insured will also give you peace of mind on the off-chance that anything does go wrong.

2. Decide on a budget.
Before you eagerly search the web for a venue or go on the hunt for a top-tier caterer, make sure you and your life partner decide on a FIRM budget.

Your budget can impact the amount of people you invite, when you have your wedding and especially where you have it. We all know weddings can be extremely expensive, so let’s break it down for you…

Ten thousand dollars and 100 guests only equates to $100 to work with for each guest. Sadly, that might not give you the Aegean Sea side venue in Mykonos that you had in mind, so budgeting is key!

3. Plan your timeline.
At this point, you’ve probably lost count of the number of people asking, “Have you picked a date yet?!”

Yes, it is probably the most asked question after how your other half proposed, and it may get annoying… but (not to jump on the band wagon) deciding on a date and getting a timeline in order is a must!

Remember, organisation is key… and who doesn’t love a good list? Building a timeline with your partner can help get your thoughts in order and give you a push in the right direction to start looking for a venue, booking your photographer, enjoy cake tastings (the best part), deciding on a colour scheme and so on.

Keep your eyes peeled because Blushing Confetti has the ultimate Wedding Planner coming soon that breaks down all elements of wedding planning!

4. Get inspired.
This is the fun part! Start getting some inspo early on in your wedding planning by creating Pinterest boards.

Pinterest boards help you visually map out different themes and colour schemes to inspire your creative side.

Make a Pinterest board of your favourite themes. Which one do you like most? There are so many to choose from - vintage, rustic, modern, coastal chic and so on… whatever your heart desires!

Images and mood boards are a great way to share your ideas and discuss the themes with your mum, gals and your partner. Get creative - you can always narrow down your choices as you get a clearer vision of your special day. We also love trawling Instagram...check out Blushing Wedding for more inspo!

5. Pick your wedding party and guests
Your dad keeps talking about inviting your Uncle John who you haven’t seen since your third birthday party and yes, mum has probably told her yoga instructor all about it and would love to invite her too.

But remember, this is YOUR wedding! Keep in mind the more people you invite, the bigger your budget will need to be. So, start your guest list with an estimated count and it’ll be much easier to cut those who you only interact with through likes on Instagram.

Let’s be real, you probably already had your bridesmaids picked out before you even got engaged, but make sure you announce it! Having a wedding party support system while you plan your big day can not only help you emotionally, but it gives you people to bounce ideas off and share the excitement with.

Announcing your bride tribe should be fun and exciting for all of you. Surprise them in person, send them a ridiculous balloon or do it with a fancy bridal box to really make an impression. Even if they already know they will be the chosen one, this is the perfect opportunity to show them how much they mean to you and how excited you are for them to be part of your journey.

6. Send out ‘save the dates’ and start thinking about your invitations
Now, it may have taken a few heated debates and some wine, but you’ve finally decided on the guest list. Next agenda item - send out your save the dates. We recommend doing this 10-12 months from your wedding date. After all, you want all of your loved ones to be able to come and help you celebrate your special day, so give them ample time to lock it into their calendars!

If you want your save the dates to match your invitations, now is also the time to start thinking about your invitation designs. Blushing Confetti offers the full suite of wedding stationery in all of our designs. Our ordering system is super simple, just choose your design and we’ll take care of the rest!

Regardless of how you choose to spend your special day, remember to stop, relax and enjoy being engaged! Wedding planning may feel like a full-time job later but for now, soak in one of the most exciting times of your life, and don’t forget to throw some confetti while you’re at it!

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