How wild are these little unique points?

In all honesty, some of them are so minor we can not always find them or even capture them easily in a photo! In saying this, selling them at full price just did not settle well with us! So, we thought they were perfect to share with our community with a cheeky (not so little) discount. Some of these little UH-OHs include very small ink dots, slightly different coloured panels or missing metal feet. The UH-OHs range in varying degrees, some bags may only have one UH-OH and some may have a few. Each bag is slightly different! However, every single bag is still fully functional and ready to go on an adventure. 


Will I be able to return my UH-OH Weekender Bag?
If you are not absolutely in love with your colour choice, we are able to exchange for another colour of the UH-OH Weekender Bag. Just like our usual 'change of mind' policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping in this case. As these bags will be a final sale item, we won’t be able to offer any refunds on the UH-OH Weekender Bag - so pretty please choose carefully. If you need any help please contact help@thesomewhereco.com