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Versailles Essentials Pouch


This petite powerhouse is the perfect sidekick your handbag could ever dream of. With its compact size and irresistible charm, it's like having a mini organiser on standby to hold all your absolute must-haves. Lipstick? Check. Keys? Check. Emergency chocolate stash? Double check! This pouch is small enough to slip into any handbag without causing a fuss, but big enough to conquer your chaotic collection of essentials. So say goodbye to rummaging through the abyss of your bag and hello to effortless organisation. Trust us, your handbag will thank you.

Product Information

  • 23cm x 16cm
  • 10cm vegan leather strap
  • Polyester canvas outer and water resistant polyester lining
  • Zipper closure

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash is best, do not soak
  • Can be machine washed inside a delicates washing bag or pillowcase on a cold gentle cycle only