Wholesale Application


We’re all going somewhere right? Whether it’s an actual place, or a moment in your life, we want to be there every step of the way. Kicking goals at work or a new mum finding her feet, hunkering down studying or busy building an empire, we’re all heels deep in this crazy journey called life. It gets a little messy sometimes, right? One thing is for certain – we’re a community. Hence the ‘Co’ in our name. We all want to shop more consciously, we value Australian design and we love supporting and collaborating with fabulous women doing amazing things. At TSC, this community means the world to, it’s reason we do what we do!

We know practical doesn’t always have to mean black and white. We know eco can be sexy and stunning prints make everything way more fun! We’ve become the destination for everyday modern women, regardless of their stage in life, to find beautifully bright and FUNctional products. For home, work, baby and play.

Want know more about stocking us? With a solid retail presence established in Australia, The Somewhere Co. continues to go places – we have stockists all over the globe! Our commitment to brand integrity drives our careful retailer selection process, and reflects the quality of our products and the values behind them. We have three categories of stockists and not all of our stockists carry all three categories. We approve based on your store type (E.g. florist, kids store or home and lifestyle store), the categories requested by you in this application and also any surrounding active stockists we currently have.


Some nitty gritty things to consider with your application…

  • Supporting our existing stockists is a huge priority for us, so we approve new stockists with their location in mind.  This means if you are close to an existing active stockist of the same category, we may not be able to open another account in the area at this time. Things do change though, so please feel free to reach back out later to see if we have any updates for you.
  • If you are yet to open your store, we ask that you complete the below form in as much detail as possible. Please feel free to send any imagery of your space to wholesale@thesomewhereco.com to really help your application. 
  • We want to know more about you! To support your wholesale application please ensure all parts of the below application are filled out so we can get to know you and your store better.

Home & Picnic

  • Lunch Bags and Satchels, Picnic Rugs, Cooler Bags, Reusable shoppers, Cutlery, Wine Coolers and our Essentials & Wet Bags
  • Opening order minimum $1000, reorders are $500

TSC Mini

  • Change Mats, Play Mats, Pram Liners, Silicone Bibs, Silicone Mealtime and our Kids Backpacks & Lunch Cases
  • Opening order minimum $500, reorders are $300

Stationery & Desk

  • Greeting Cards, Stationery and Gift Wrap
  • Opening order minimum $250, reorders are $150

Please note, at this stage, we don’t stock to online only stores, pharmacies or newsagents.

If you'd like to go somewhere with The Somewhere Co., fill out the following form and we'll get back to you in 7-10 business days. Any other questions, feel free to email us at wholesale@thesomewhereco.com.

Stockists in the USA, please reach out to  wholesale@thesomewhereco.com

Lets Go Somewhere!