TSC Handy Product Guide

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Read on for our handy guide of *all* things product related, like how to clean them and product comparison. 

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How do I clean my *fave TSC product*?


The top side of the rug is water resistant, so if you get to spills pretty quick there usually isn't a mark. If it's liquid, simply lift the rug and let it run off. For thicker substances, we recommend wiping off with a napkin or baby wipe quickly. If it does dry or become harder to remove, the rug is spot clean / handwash only. It's best not to put in a washing machine. We suggest a small amount of laundry detergent on the spot, then rinse. You can lay down flat or on a clothes line and hose off for larger messes too. Grass or fur can be removed with a lint roller and sand can be brushed away with a bristle brush, and excess can be vacuumed.

Lunch Satchels and Lunch Bags

We recommend cleaning the inside of the satchels by wiping with a wet cloth and spot-cleaning the outside if there are stains you want to remove. You can also rinse under the tap or handwash if it's had something spilled inside. 

We don't recommend putting it in the washing machine, as this could damage the Velcro, the insulated lining and also affect the PU details. If you MUST machine was (at your own risk) , please do so in a cool wash with the product inside a delicates bag.

What’s the difference?

We know it’s tricky comparing our goodies to find the one that’s *just right* for you. We’ve got a lot of options! So we’ve snapped some cute family photos and created some handy videos to make decision making a breeze!

Lunch Bags, Lunch Satchels, Lunch Totes and Mini Satchels

We have LOADS of lunch options! Here’s a quick round up… They’re all insulated. The Lunch Bag and Mini Satchel are the only 2 styles without a removeable shoulder strap. The Lunch Tote is the only style that has 2 compartments – the front pocket can be used to keep your phone, keys or other essentials away from your food so you can leave your big handbag at home, and just take your tote!

Wine Coolers, Midi & Large Coolers

Let’s talk Coolers… The Large Cooler Bag has 2 compartments, both are insulated. In the bottom you can fit 3 bottles of wine and loads of smaller items in the top like cheese and tasty snacks. There is a front Velcro pocket perfect for cutlery too. Make sure you put the heavy items in the bottom, otherwise the top might make the bag collapse in a bit. This Cooler is our biggest style, perfect for families and long road trips.

Our Midi Cooler is suited better for 2 person picnics, or shorter park visits. It can fit 2 x bento boxes and 2 water bottles, great for park visits or weekend sport! It’s just the one compartment, which is similar to the base of the Large Cooler, and it also has a pocket on the front for cutlery or small items.

Then the Wine Cooler is your bud if you want to take 1 to 2 bottles of wine and your phone/keys – there is a helpful pocket on the back to keep things separate from your drinks and go totally hands free!

How do I roll my fancy new rug?

Large and Original Wet Bags and Essential Pouches

Our Wet bags are water resistant and are perfect for wet bikinis or containing anything that might get messy like soiled clothing. Just keep in mind the zipper isn’t water tight! They also make a fabulous toiletry or cosmetics bag.

Our Essentials Pouches have a material lining. They are perfect for on the go, and for keeping your larger totes, handbags or suitcases organised.

Lets Talk Totes

A big difference between these bags is the outer material. The Cheeky Tote is transparent, where the Ultimate & Everyday Tote has a printed outer fabric as well as lining on the inside.

Cheeky Tote Bags

On the Cheeky Tote, you’ll love the thicker shoulder straps that make carrying a heavy bag super comfy however there are no internal built in pockets – we love using our wet or essential bags inside, as the stunning prints shine through! Both totes have a magnetic closure on the top and a D-ring to hang keys or key chain.

Ultimate Tote Bags

The next big difference is the internal pockets. The Ultimate Tote has loads! You’ll be super organised with a zipped pocket to fit phone or keys, an internal elasticated pocket for a water bottle, a large pocket on one side with a Velcro closure (it fits a laptop!), plus an external pocket for anything you need quick access to.

Everyday Tote Bags

Designed to make your daily commute a breeze and be so totally organised. Crafted to be slightly smaller than our fan-favourite Ultimate Tote, The Everyday Tote is packed with features including a highly-requested zip closure, padded laptop pocket that fits laptops up to 16-inches, vegan leather handles, internal key strap featuring a lobster clasp and an elasticised water bottle pocket.

Water Bottle Comparison



How much fits in  *your fave TSC product*?

There’s nothing like a video to show how much you can fit inside your TSC goodies!

Will my *fave TSC item* fit in my *other fun thing you own?*